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Stylish at work or in your free time with the caps & hats by FORSBERG

Whether as sun protection, protection from the cold or simply as a stylish accessory, beanies and caps can be used for many things and make an impression in any case. Especially in summer, a baseball cap or trucker cap protects against sunburn on the face or the glare of the sun. Also, the hair underneath can be well hidden or kept out of the face, which provides additional protection for certain jobs. Caps or hats come in numerous styles. The difference between a baseball cap, or basecap for short, which originally comes from the sport of baseball, and the trucker cap can be seen on the back. The baseball cap encloses the head continuously, whereas the back of a so-called trucker cap consists of a kind of net and thus provides for additional airflow, such as in the case of the Atlar cap. These peaked caps are very useful companions, especially in summer, and also look great. At the back, the practical caps can be adjusted and adapted to the shape of the head.

Winter headgear

For the colder season are rather recommended knitted hats, because they protect the head and especially the ears from the cold. The cuddly headgear are elastic and very robust and dimensionally stable due to the high quality of the materials. However, the caps not only look cool, but also offer a very good wearing comfort. Especially for work where you are increasingly exposed to cold, such as in the construction trade, in cold storage or other activities, caps and hats are very practical and useful companions.

Cap and hat cleaning

Our caps and beanies meet the highest quality standards and are also very easy to clean. The caps can be easily washed in the washing machine and are very dimensionally stable due to the processing of high-quality materials. However, you should note that some models should not be bleached or ironed. Fabric softener or dry cleaning should also be avoided. You can easily wash the caps in the washing machine at low temperature (about 30 degrees) to enjoy the caps for a long time. If the cap should ever get dirty, simply use a damp cloth and clean the dirt with it. For coarser dirt, you can also soak the caps and caps first in warm water something and then process them with a rag. Then simply let them dry and you can use your caps and hats again for the next use.